Praise for Pirate Money


Do you know the basis for the valuation of money? Do you understand the impact of rapidly escalating interest rates and inflation on your financial well-being? Do you know how to protect your financial privacy and how to avoid being canceled for political reasons? Do you understand the future of digital currency? Do you know how excess national debt is likely to result in a financial crisis that will usher in a need for a new financial system? This book, Pirate Money, provides answers for all of these perplexing issues, but more importantly, provides some insights for those who want to participate in the protection of their financial future.

–Dr. Ben Carson, Chairman and Founder, the American Cornerstone Institute and 17th United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development


Kevin Freeman has written a surprising, readable, and important book, which explains to a layperson just how dangerous CBDCs are - the digital currencies heading for us like freight trains - and reveals innovative solutions such as returning in modern ways to the ancient precious metals. Along the way we get fascinating explanations of 18th-century currencies, the intentions of the Founders regarding economics, what really causes inflation, and how you can protect your assets in the maelstrom ahead. Clear, original, and refreshing.

–Dr. Naomi Wolfe, CEO of,

Bestselling Nonfiction Writer, Columnist


Kevin consistently unveils the underlying influences that intend to hold this country and its people financially hostage by his artful weaving of history and a commonsense approach.

–Dick Uihlein, CEO Uline


Kevin is a patriot and his new book, Pirate Money, is a great tool to learn about our financial system and the money that powers it.

–Andrew Hughes, Executive Director and CEO,
American Cornerstone Institute


It is amazing to observe how the very concept of “money” is changing right before our eyes these days. The implications for society, commerce, and even freedom are profound. Freeman, in Pirate Money, does a wonderful job enlightening readers to the opportunities and risks these changes present. Even better, he provides a map that we all can follow to protect what matters most and flourish in these unchartered waters.

–Dr. Erik Davidson, CFA, CTFA, Assistant Clinical Professor of Finance, Baylor University and Retired Chief Investment Officer of Wells Fargo Private Bank


It was God who granted private property rights to His people whom He had miraculously rescued from slavery in Egypt. God expected his people to work hard, provide for their own families, be compassionate to those with genuine need and to be honest in business. The use of “unjust weights and measures” – whether by a dishonest businessman or a dishonest king - was called an abomination. Inflation caused by expanding the money supply with fiat currency has always been a tool of despotism. While corrupt governments expand their power by inflating their own supply of money, the existing money saved by the people loses value leading to their poverty and total dependence on the government. Sound money is a safeguard to the people and demands responsibility from the people’s government. We are experiencing the devastating effects of inflation in America today with the poorest among us suffering the most. Kevin Freeman not only identifies the problem in Pirate Money, but also provides real solutions.

–Pastor Paul Blair, Founder, Liberty Pastors Network & Training Camps


Imagine you go to the store tomorrow to buy a pound of hamburger and the butcher gives you a thimble of meat. Or you buy a “3,000 square foot house” that fits in the back of your pickup. The U.S. Constitution in Art. I, Sec. 8, cl. 4, empowers Congress to “fix the Standard of Weights and Measures” including “to coin Money, [and] regulate the Value thereof.” In this masterful, must-read work by Kevin Freeman, you will see how a “Dollar” today is an untethered fraction of what the Founders intended, why it matters to us all, and what we can do about it.

–The Honorable Ken Ivory, Utah State Representative, Author of
Where’s the Line? How States Protect the


In our season of severe economic uncertainty, I have learned to listen to Kevin Freeman. I first began following his speaking and writing 15 or more years ago. He was way ahead of his time then, and he is still ahead of the curve now. It is imperative, for your own financial security, that you study his writings. I have repeatedly interviewed Kevin Freeman and have learned so much every time. I take copious notes. Succinctly put, when Kevin speaks, listen. When Kevin writes, read it. You won’t regret it if you do. In contrast, you will regret it if you don’t. Read Pirate Money.

–Dr. Jim Garlow, CEO, Well Versed


Kevin Freeman’s fascinating-to-read book, Pirate Money, covers all aspects of our money and paints a vivid picture of a sober reality: unless we act now to prevent it, the future of our money will not be about preserving our wealth or our freedoms. From old-fashioned inflation to central bank digital currencies (they call it “programable money”) the administrative state elites want money to be an instrument of control. It’s already happening in China with their linking digital money to their surveillance state social credit system. Unlike others who simply wring their hands, Kevin comes up with solutions and his proposal for a Texas-style gold-backed currency is something we should be looking hard at. All fiat money systems eventually collapse. Kevin’s “gold bullet” may be what could save our money…and our liberty.

–William L Walton, Host, The Bill Walton Show,
Chairman, Resolute Protector Foundation


Kevin Freeman is not only one of America’s preeminent experts in economic warfare. He is one of our most creative practitioners in this battlespace. This extraordinarily timely book is an indispensable how-to manual designed to equip freedom-loving Americans and states to defeat enemies, foreign and domestic, determined to use Central Bank Digital Currencies and similar “global governance” gambits to achieve world hegemony. Read Pirate Money and fight back now!

–Frank Gaffney, Executive Chairman, Center for Security Policy,
Host of Securing America


A must read from one of America’s top experts in economic warfare. The once over-the-horizon financial threats that Kevin Freeman warned Pentagon leaders of decades ago are now fully upon us. As the U.S. today wages ad hoc economic war abroad and Americans endure financial assault here at home, what we really need is a plan. Pirate Money offers just this.


Freeman frames the fight we now face and offers a bold potential strategy by searching in one of Washington, D.C.’s least known places: the Constitution. There, carefully reserved by our Founders, lies a possible route to defeat the enemy, while saving us from ourselves.

–Thomas Emanuel Dans, CFA, former Trump Administration - Counselor to the Under Secretary for International Affairs, U.S. Treasury


As always Kevin is ahead of the times on an emerging economic issue. I found Pirate Money to be an incredibly interesting book that quickly lays out what, why, and how we must respond to the world’s quickly changing monetary policies. Americans have freedom and we need to use it quickly.

–Cindi Castilla, President, Texas Eagle Forum


I enjoyed this book, Pirate Money, as much as I enjoy talking with Kevin Freeman. Every time I do, I learn. Kevin has the ability to make complicated matters of financial affairs simple. He paints a picture of the challenges the American economy has experienced throughout our history. Using stories such as the “Wizard of Oz” and “Flipping the Monopoly Board,” he parallels how our economic policy affects the everyday lives of people. Many have been dumbed down in their economic understanding of how money works. Kevin brings a real and practical path forward that has been with us since the beginning of time, all with the modern ease and convenience we know today as we transact business. NOW is the time to put action behind these words.

–The Honorable Mark Dorazio, Texas State Representative who sponsored Transactional Gold and Silver legislation


Pirate Money is truly worth its weight in Gold! Kevin Freeman provides us a glimpse into the past, an in-depth analysis of our present financial crisis, but most importantly a Constitutional, Biblical, and realistic solution for the future that can protect our money and our Republic from the impending collapse of the US dollar, and from the global plan to implement a government-backed CBDC. The first will destroy us financially and the second will enslave us permanently by controlling every aspect of our lives. Pirate Money needs to be read, shared, and actions taken by every American, NOW, before it’s too late!

–Ron Armstrong, President, Stand Up Michigan


After serving in the House and Senate for 14 years, I am certain that Congress will continue to spend, borrow, and expand our debt; and the Federal Reserve will continue to print money to buy our debt until they bankrupt the country and destroy the value of the dollar. States must act now to create gold- and silver-backed currency. This will not only protect their citizens but eventually force the federal government to do the same. Kevin Freeman’s Pirate Money is the playbook states need to accomplish this goal.

–The Honorable Jim DeMint, Former United States Senator


A dangerous precedent in the modern American culture, is one of total neglect of fiscal responsibility. Hanging in the balance is the security of our nation and our ability to maintain the leading position for good in the world. The path that Kevin is charting speaks to practical solutions for our nation at a critical time.

–Jaco Booyens, Abolitionist, anti-human trafficking, author,
speaker, film director and lover of


In the Bible, we are told that those who do evil love the darkness. I thank God for Kevin Freeman’s courage and willingness to shine a righteous light on Biden’s managed decline of the USA and China’s steps to push our country off the fiscal cliff. Pirate Money has answers for our nation and your money.

–The Honorable Ken Blackwell, Former State Treasurer of Ohio


Once you grasp that economic and monetary policy is almost entirely about the future of your freedom and not about money, that there are nefarious forces hard at work in this world determined to take away everyone’s economic freedom and they are on the verge of success, and that the simple, constitutional, brilliant, pragmatic, solution spelled out in this book is available for everyone, you will know you should read Pirate Money, and pass it along to everyone you know. This solution is not about returning the dollar to the gold standard, it’s about enabling everyone to use gold as currency. It’s about freedom. Kevin Freeman is an invaluable ‘American patriot expert’--and he’s delivered an urgent Paul Revere-like warning of what is coming down the financial pike, and a thoroughly sound solution that every state can implement to protect its citizens and ultimately our sovereign, independent America.

–Debbie Georgatos, Host, America, Can We Talk?


Kevin Freeman’s newest book, Pirate Money, is a map to a hidden treasure of Liberty, Security, and Values. Want economic freedom and Justice? This book has the answer. NO to CBDC and programmable money! YES to state-based transactional gold and silver with privacy and security. Easy to read, easy to understand, I highly recommend this book!

–Charlie Kirk, Founder and CEO, Turning Point USA, Host,
The Charlie Kirk Show


Best-selling author Freeman has hit another home run with this thoroughly researched, immensely educative, and solution-oriented book! It is, “All You Ever Wanted to Know About Inflation, U.S. Debt, CBDCs, World Economic Forum, Our Dollar as a Reserve Currency, but Did Not Know Enough to Ask.” Our financial security has been pirated by the elitist Captains and the Kings, but Freeman explains how we can take over the pirate’s ship, steer it ourselves and use Pirate Money to put the elitists on the plank meant for us.

 –The Honorable Allen B. Clark, Author of Soldiers Blood and
Bloodied Money: Wars and the Ruling Elites


Pirate Money is a must-read book dealing with one of the most important threats facing our nation, and more importantly, offering solutions that could save our country. Kevin has created a masterpiece. I can’t recommend the book highly enough.

–Alex Newman, Journalist/Author/Educator exposing evil


Kevin Freeman has done it again! His unwavering commitment to exposing evil and the evil agenda is a blessing to those that take time to read and educate themselves in this spiritual war. Kudos to Kevin and his faithful life companion, Marnie, who has been by his side unwaveringly as they attempt to expose the dark side. I have constantly told people that this guy knows stuff – and, once again, he has proven me right! Buy Pirate Money, read it, and pass it on. The easiest way to lose this war is to remain uneducated and uninvolved. Thank God for the Freemans!

–Art Ally, President, Timothy Partners, Ltd., Sponsors of The Timothy Plan


I know Kevin Freeman. I am convinced Kevin has a Silver Bullet strategy from God for the coming World Economic Crisis. God solutions for man-made problems. We are not helpless or hopeless. God is faithful and always will be. Be encouraged. Read Pirate Money!

–Richard Bartlett MD, Discoverer of The Silver Bullet protocol for COVID, Recipient of The HHS Meritorious Service Award


This short read is exactly the antidote to corporate greed and government overreach. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

–Kevin Sorbo, Award-winning filmmaker


Kevin Freeman has a unique eye on macro-economic forces and how they can be used for good and evil. In Pirate Money, he lays out precisely how our enemies wish us evil (and can achieve their aims), and how we can with a couple of key moves enable our country and its citizens to defend and realize financial liberty and freedom.

–James Dickey, CEO, JD Key Consulting


The rolling out of Central Bank Digital Currencies, combined with national digital IDs, will form a digital gulag -- the foundation of the Great Reset. No one has done more to sound the alarm about CBDCs and to propose a workable, Constitutional solution than Kevin Freeman -- a brilliant economic analyst and force of nature.

–Reggie Littlejohn, President, Women’s Rights Without Frontiers,
co-founder, Sovereignty Coalition


EVERYONE inherently knows something is up with their money…they KNOW that inflation hits them hard…they likely just don’t know the facts Kevin lays out so well in Pirate Money. I can’t imagine that 1 in 1,000 Americans know that what costs $1 today could be bought for 12 ½ cents in 1971! You owe it to yourself and those you lead to read this book, get educated and help others understand a piece of what Kevin Freeman has spent his career studying and learning about. If you follow Economic War Room, you’ve gotten a taste, but for the facts laid out in an easy-to-read brief format, you need to read this book now! The Founders gave us a Republic, and Benjamin Franklin actually told a lady, “If you can keep it.” That part depends on us and our willingness to know what has made our nation so special so that we know what we must do to preserve us a nation! Thank you, Kevin!

–Chad Connelly, Founder and CEO, Faith Wins


Kevin Freeman is one of those individuals who doesn’t mind challenging the status quo! He pushes headlong into some of the gravest concerns of our day with the determination to find better solutions through Godly principles and his vast knowledge base in both national security and financial issues! He takes readers of Pirate Money along this journey with him and does so in a way that keeps the everyday patriot engaged and equipped to not just read a book but be moved to action!

Trayce Bradford, Eagle Forum National Issue Chair on Human Trafficking; Former President, Texas Eagle Forum


Pirate Money by Kevin Freeman is an enlightening revelation, uncovering the hidden economic warfare that threatens our Nation’s freedom. It is more than a book; it is an essential tool for preserving the principles our Founding Fathers fought for.

–The Honorable Tan Parker, Texas State Senator


Kevin Freeman is a brilliant and courageous leader. His Economic War Room financial insights are urgently needed to understand what is happening in the world today! I encourage every American to be armed with the wisdom of Kevin Freeman’s new book Pirate Money!

–William J. Federer, best-selling author, and nationally known speaker


If federalism encourages experimentation, then Freeman gives a compelling argument that Texas is ripe for the most impactful economic experiment ever conceived in the area of central banking. He clearly maps out how Texas law, the US Constitution and various Supreme Court Decisions allow a clear alternative to CBDCs. No macroeconomist worth their salt should pass on Freeman’s idea given the massive potential upside. Pirate Money is a must-read for anyone who values empirics over blind faith, especially in the field of monetary policy.

 –Philip M. Parker PhD (Wharton), INSEAD Chair Professor of
Management Science


Finances and freedom are intertwined, and this book, Pirate Money, is the key to unlocking your virtual handcuffs.

–Sam Sorbo, Best-selling author of Words for Warriors


Kevin Freeman’s new book, Pirate Money, is a force for good and everyone should read it and quickly pass it along to others. Freeman explains the positive solution, embraced by America’s founders, for combatting the evil of politicians who indenture the people they’re called to serve, with debt that can never be repaid. There is hope and a way out of national indebtedness—but we need to get a critical mass of people “up to speed” on this practical, doable solution. I’m on board with Pirate Money, and I know you’ll be, too!

–The Honorable Michele Bachmann, Former US Representative; Dean, Robertson School of Government, Regent University


Understanding money is the key to freedom. Pirate Money is a must-read for anybody who wants to fight for freedom.

–Steve Kwast, Lieutenant General (Ret) US Air Force; CEO, Skycorp Inc.


The dollar has lost 87% of its value since Nixon closed the gold window. Kevin Freeman shows how we can stop the bleeding, quickly, once and for all.

–Rod D. Martin, J.D., Founder and CEO The Martin Organization, Inc.


Economic warfare expert Kevin Freeman succinctly outlines the looming threats to our finances and freedom - both foreign and domestic - and he provides a biblical, Constitutional, and common-sense solution for “we the people” and our state governments to address those threats. Pirate Money is not only a “must-read” for freedom-loving Americans and their elected officials, but also a path to preserving that freedom.

–Lt. Col. Tommy Waller, USMC (Ret.), President & CEO,
Center for Security Policy


Even as a finance major, I hated economics in school for the same reason I hated history...boring teachers and teaching methods. Kevin Freeman radically changes that by making this vitally important subject interesting and making it applicable to our lives. And yes, he even makes it entertaining and fun. Most importantly, the timing is critical and the blueprint he provides gives us hope for restoring fiscal sanity to the greatest nation in the history of mankind.

–Rick Green, America’s Constitution Coach & Founder of Patriot Academy


It is wrong to call good evil and evil good.  I am reminded that the principle of separation of economy and political direction necessarily dictates the preservation of sound money as an inalienable right of free men.  A sovereign individual or society by definition is free of bondage found in unsound money.  Bondage, being the absence of liberty is as evil as unsound money.  This book shows a path back to sound money!

 –J. Christopher Byrd, Esq. CPA, MBA


I found Pirate Money so good that I stopped very quickly and did something that I had never done before. I had my 20-year-old assistant read it out loud to me, so I could just concentrate on what was written. This was a first time for me. The information was so powerful. Part of the reason was the clarity, energy, how compelling the writing was that we did not want to stop reading. The book has a warmth and a personal feeling with the reader that was conveyed so well. My assistant said that for something that is applicable today and tomorrow, it is the best book he has read.

–Somers White, CPAE, FIMC, Management Consultant with
Important Company Clients on Six Continents


The US Constitution allows states to coin gold and silver as legal tender. Kevin Freeman’s book Pirate Money explains how this could greatly benefit the hard-working people of America.

–Scott O’Grady, Veteran; best-selling author


Every person in America should read this book! This is a critical time in the history of our nation and Kevin Freeman is throwing out an economic life-line that could help save the US while there is still time.  I highly recommend it. This plan offers “a financial ark” to save the money of believers.

–Dr. Cindy Jacobs,  prophet, speaker, teacher, and author


Kevin Freeman’s Pirate Money is a must-read for anyone who is interested in potential solutions to America’s monetary crisis. If Joe Biden and Davos elites have it their way, the value of the dollar will continue to plummet. Even worse, your privacy and freedom could soon disappear because of the rise of central bank digital currencies, another power-grab supported by the Biden administration. We need real answers to those problems, and Freeman’s Pirate Money could prove to be an important source for those answers, as well as an excellent first step on the road to saving the United States.

–Justin Haskins, Director, Socialism Research Center,
The Heartland Institute


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